Thursday, October 30, 2008

Didja Know?

· The highest paid programmers make 300k a year
· Video games are shown to help improve fine motor skills
· Games have therapeutic purposes
· Games help develop problem solving skills
· Video games teach how to follow directions
· The world wide sales market of electronic games is expected to rise to $45 billion by 2010
· 83% of most 3rd through 12th grades have a game system at home

I didn't think so...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There are so many things...

I mean I'm not restricted to the use of the Half-Life 2 games I could do a Halo mod or pretty much any game that I could expose the source to, there could be a mod. Its really just about choice, I could do zombie settlement, I could change my mind. Either way i'll probably figure out at least a few cool things with many gmaes. I could also replace source modles from Rp and replace the team names to do a first person version of Dawn of War, which would be epically cool.

Monday, October 6, 2008

As a Major Piece

There is a gamemode called "settlement survival" which in there is a group of people and they must build houses tents fires and walls to survive. This also includes weapons to defend from other players who may eat you as to not die. With my mod there will be an entirely new twist on gameplay... zombies. With zombie npc spawners added into the game's main map you would be forced to either constantly move or build a fenced in camp to keep alive while a horde of zombies ravaged your camp after a certain amount of time.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wow Where Did September Go?

What happened to that one month, did we lose it? Oh well I think I was productive enough. I have the start of a map file that I can use and now that I have the hang of mapping I can get started on a possible game mode. The surprise is I am actually OK at making .bsp map files. I didn't think that I would be any good with them, but apparently lucky. So now I'm going to try at making my own 3rd party game mode, this should be interesting...