Monday, November 17, 2008

Hear about this yet?

Unrelated to video gaming, the democratic party wants to re enact the "fairness doctrine" which states that all radio and television broadcasts would have to give equal time to opposing views. This is put quite simply a clinical psychotic reaction. Or my personal favorite fascism. They claim that this is beneficial but I fail to see how infringing on our right, key word, right to free speech. This very much reminds me of Stalin silencing his political opponents. Also if at any time someone is reading this and thinks or says out loud "HEY KID THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE IS FOR KEEPING YOUR BAISED NEWS OUT OF OUR MEDIA!" then I would highly suggest a few books you may enjoy.The Communist Manifesto, Mien Kamph
Yeah just a political rant... Later


Andy Scherch said...

Yay for political rants! Here we absolutely LOVE making fun of George Bush. Apparently he's left quite a bad image on NZ...Understandable, since he left a bad image on America as well.

Will Nichols said...

In fairness to Bush, he kept Al Gore out of office.