Sunday, December 28, 2008

Right, so the last month or so.

***This might get a bit long***
Over the last month of working on the server I purchased at the beginning of the month, there was a game mode called "darkrp"which involves mostly civil protection officers protecting civilians from Mafia style activities. The illegal activities include weapon trafficking, drug possession, drug dealing, and breaking and entering. There are several classes in this game mode *note I did NOT code darkrp and have only modified it with help from other coders* these include: citizen, cook, medic/doctor, gundealer, drug dealer, mob boss, gangster, civil protection, and civil protection chief. Bearing with me for a moment this is not a random violent shooter where there is no point to the gameplay. for instance if you kill four people in the same ten seconds then the server will auto disconnect you regardless of your administration. If you are disconnected you must re join the game. This feature requires that team tactics must be used to overcome a force of more then three people without the risk of disconnect. There are several administrators currently running on the server which is called "FAN 24/7 RolePlay" not to be confused with sone of the other copys of it that are said to be launched. The copys wont be there long. At any rate in the week before christmas the server hit the top 200 garrysmod servers in the rating system online. during the christmas we broke twenty people in the server at the same time and nidged into the top 100 servers at the number 92 slot. since then we have dropped back due to coding errors with our custom shipments that were not backed up properly and were deleted during a server wipe. Managing this server has been a great way to study up on the things that can happen if you dont do something correctly, like code a file or back up said file. One example was a "/buypistol elites" command which went badly wrong and turned up free to the players for a good amount of time. That was fixed and we lost shipments that a coder custom made for our server. This diddn't stop many people who still enjoy playing on FAN but it did a few. Over all the work I havve done has mainly been in managing the development of this game server and coding some of the custom administrator "minge B gone" devices. "Minge" is a term on garrysmod used to describe a player who refuses to follow rules, is under the age of 6, or abuses in game functions. There are also script kiddies, who I ususally ban or !cexec before they do damage.

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