Friday, September 4, 2009

Recent Events

For the most part I've been working on this project for the entire year. The server that I have decided to run possibly permanently is called FAN 24/7 RP. So in a quick summary, there has been a lot of trouble with the script, updates, and players. The human element becomes an important factor of the programming when a script kiddie decides it would be fun to run a DDOS or Botnet on the server. To counter this a filter has to either be installed or written. Mine failed horribly, it did not allow any players to join the server and filtered out all IP addresses. I ended up going with a professionally done free security system. Other then that there has been a lot of trouble with administrators and players, from things like breaking every rule to disrupt play, or spending hours trying to find and abuse glitches. All in all this has been a very challenging experience, to both program entities that appear in the game, and manage the people who play the game.

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